Walden Debuts Two New Free Downloads

Pete Tong supported Walden just gets better with every track that he unleashes for his fans, with a sound that is rapidly developing since EO first included’Brightness‘ in a Weekend Playlist in January. A mere day later Tong played the track as part of his essential selection radio show, and Walden’s recognition has just steamed along from there.

Earlier today Walden posted two free downloads on his Soundcloud to celebrate reaching a milestone 500 followers on his Twitter. ‘At Last‘ is an uplifting, melodic track. ‘Mono’ is a much darker, twisted track with a gravelly warble that successfully hooks the listener.

Click through to Walden’s Soundcloud to get a hold of the downloads and don’t forget to follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

Walden – At Last

Walden – Mono World

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