Watch ‘The Electro Wars’ For Free!

I probably should be writing up a Boys Noize review from Friday since all of it is still fresh in my head (and myself and Tommy lost our voices making a setlist as the show progressed), but I was seriously sidetracked by an opportunity to watch the amazing documentary ‘The Electro Wars’ for free on Pitchfork. The documentary really outlines where the genre spawned from, who the big players are, and the nature of bedroom producers quite well. Click HERE to watch it in full for free this week only!!

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  • April 26, 2011

    paul anderson

    that documentary was sooo sweet, ive been into everything electronic music for the past 3 years and every day i learn more about it every day. Im lovin this site and the way you guys have this set up. please keep it commin and keep an eye out for that next documentary, deffinitly wanna see that when it comes out.

    p.s. ive noticed that you guys dont have much on here about the dubstep scene except for the occasional skrillex release, and if you need i could send you guys links to a great variety of dubstep artists and killer songs, just hit me up at the email i put here.

    lovin this site. keep it going.

    Pauly A

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