Wolfgang Gartner – Get Em feat Eve

So Wolfgang Gartner’s full length album, Weekend in America was officially released yesterday. Wolfgang, like David Guetta are beginning to implement more and more big names in the Hip Hop and Pop realm to give their music a totally new vibe. David Guetta suggests it provides a “new emotion”.

I mean if I was to tell a big electronic music fan a year ago that Wolfgang Gartner is going to have a song with Camron & Jim Jones you’d laugh in my face and perhaps tell me you’d give me a large sum of money you don’t possess when in it in fact happens. Familiar tracks like Illmerica, Menage A Trois, Forever feat Will.I.AM, and my personal favorite, Space Junk are on the album. I decided to feature Get Em because it has the Wolfgang sound but at the same time features a popular artist, Eve. In my personal opinion, the songs I enjoy most are those without these popular but I can get into Get Em. It’s the first track on the album that really makes the “here I am” type of statement. That party around the world hook is kinda tight too. That being said, sure to check out The Champ and 818 (the most unique track on the album, its in G# if that doesn’t make it strange enough)

Overall if I was to give a grade to Wolfgang’s new album it’d probably be about a B+. His electro house sound is still fostered but there isn’t anything that totally blew me away (not to mention I’ve already heard most of the album through various leaks). Have a listen for yourself, the album can be purchased on Beatport and I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding each and every song on youtube.

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