Written Agreement Handbook 2020

I understand and agree that nothing in the staff manual creates or should create a promise or representation of job retention and that employment in XYZ companies is an all-you-can-eat establishment that can be terminated by the will of XYZ or myself. Furthermore, I recognize that this manual is neither an employment contract nor a legal document. I understand and agree that XYZ or myself can terminate employment and compensation at any time, with or without reason and with or without notice. In the consensual phase, Atradius Collections is able to record the customer`s invoices and interest to some extent with collection fees. An additional 15% of collection fees are charged to debtors through the principal amount and we focus entirely on collecting costs in the context of justice and justice. From a legal point of view, collection costs can only be recovered from the debtor in an order of magnitude that relates to the amount of capital entrusted to the recovery. If it manages to recover the principal amount, it is possible to recover a certain amount of collection costs from the debtor through legal proceedings. The court uses a fee schedule as part of the court proceedings to determine the amount of collection costs that can be recovered by the debtor. This is a complex issue in the case law, and there is usually a small amount awarded, despite the clauses in a written agreement and/or the terms of purchase.

The judge is free to order the debtor to pay the collection fees as long as they are considered reasonable, but the costs incurred are generally part of the provision agreed with the client. This manual and the guidelines and procedures included in it replace all previous practices, oral or written statements or statements on the terms of your employment with XYZ. By releasing this manual, the company expressly revokes all previous guidelines and procedures that do not correspond to those included. I understand that, with the exception of the employment status at your convenience, all policies and practices may be changed at any time by XYZ companies, and the company reserves the right to change my schedules, wages and working conditions at any time. All of these changes are communicated through official communications, and I understand that the revised information can take over, modify or eliminate it. Only the president of XYZ has the opportunity to accept changes to the guidelines of this manual. In 2012, a bill was passed that sets the amount of collection fees to be paid by late consumer individuals or debtors. These specific collection costs are more or less consistent with the case law.

It should be noted that business collection fees also apply in the business area to the transaction, unless the parties agree otherwise. Because the court proceedings for collection costs are cumbersome and costly for debtors and creditors, we have been successful in reaching agreements with debtors on collection costs. The personnel manual describes important information about XYZ and I understand that I should consult with the president or human resources department on all issues that are not addressed in the manual. I have voluntarily concluded my working relationship with XYZ and I recognize that there is no fixed term of employment.

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