Yolanda Be Cool – Three Free Downloads

Over the past few years the name Yolanda Be Cool has become synonymous with the crossover track “We No Speak Americano”. After going multi-platinum and number one internationally, it’s hard for the Aussie duo to even say their name without someone mentioning the now-excruciating hook “Ba Ba Americano”.

So how did Yolanda Be Cool possibly get over such an outdated track? Well for starters, they launched a hilarious recall campaign on YouTube, fake press conference and all. But more importantly, they’re now releasing some quality tracks. For free. Check out and download all three on Yolanda Be Cool’s Facebook page below.

First off is an original mix that serves as the replacement track for the “We No Speak Americano” recall. Called “Foreign Affair”, it samples some latin-style vocals and jazzy pan flutes.

The Aussies enlist Indonesian young gun Angger Dimas for a buzzy electro version of “Before Midnight”.

Most recently, fellow countryman AJAX gives an old-school piano house feel to “Love Keeps”

Download: Facebook

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