Eyes On: Phil Colors

phil colors

For our fourth showcase we present to you… Phil Colors! This guy has a super unique sound and is definitely making a name for himself with his remixes and original productions (check out his soundcloud). We caught up with Phil over the weekend to ask him a few questions about life.

ElectronicaOasis: Tell us a little bit about Russian women
Phil: They are strange and illogical (but I suppose the same thing may be related to women all over the world). They are sociable and soulful. Sometimes they talk too much. Most of them are rather sly. Last but not least, Russian women are extremely beautiful :)

EO: Can you drink Vodka like water or is that just a stereotype?
Phil: Haha only on big holidays. You must be a very strong man to drink vodka like water because the consequences are unpredictable and your holiday may turn into a global disaster. Although this may be the main reason why people drink it. Personally, I prefer whiskey.

EO: Do you have any rituals when going into the studio?
Phil: No, I don’t do anything specifically. It all depends on inspiration. I cannot have any distractions on the day, I need to be able to become totally absorbed into my work. Also I need to be peppy and realize what kind of emotions I want to convey by my new track.

EO: Name three tracks you play that get any crowd moving
Phil: Phil Colors- Dope Slanger – I dont like to toot my own horn but I include it in almost all my sets and the result never disappoints.
Demarzo – Flip the Mattress‘ – It’s not new, but very groovy, fat and full of energy.
And ‘Jonas Rathsman – Feeling You

EO: What is your favorite type of non-house music?
Phil: I’m a music lover. I listen to many different styles of music, without any particular genre. But if I had to choose a specific sound it would be classical jazz and Soul/R&B music.

Lover of all things with soul that make you wanna move and groove. Bring on the funk!

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