Eyes On: SugarHill


Here at Electronica Oasis, we had the pleasure of interviewing SugarHill. A Brazilian producer who is part of the budding Erase Records crew. Here’s a bit more insight from the man himself:

ElectronicaOasis: How did you come up with the name SugarHill?
SugarHill: I was looking for something that sounds old school and funky. So after some research online I saw that it was available on both Soundcloud and Beatport.

EO: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
SH: Thomas Bangalter. He made a lot of innovations in disco music. I also used to listen to a good amount of electro-clash years ago, like Miss Kittin, The Hacker and DJ Hell.

EO:If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?
SH: Probably something in film. I like to make videos and I really love movies. I bought a nice camera some years ago and began to study a lot of filming technics. I’m also really into visual art. I like to draw tattoos.

EO: Where is your favorite holiday destination?
SH: I don’t really like staying on vacations. Honestly, I prefer traveling for my gigs, my work is an absolute pleasure to me.

EO: Whats your favorite type of sound on a synth?
SH: At the moment I’m looking for those heavy but clean and objective bass lines. I really strive to find those sounds from the 80’s and 90’s but with modern day quality. Something between organic and digital.

Check out the unique sounds of SugarHill:

Lover of all things with soul that make you wanna move and groove. Bring on the funk!

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