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A trip to Sankey’s NYC and next thing you know, you’ve agreed to a monthly top picks posting for a blog you haven’t written for in over two years. It’s been a long time, the posting stopped, the music didn’t. Hope these tunes are a good different for you and your ears.

Gardens Of God – Are We (feat. Egle Sirvydyte)
Not a lot known yet about Gardens Of God but smooth bass and some soothing vocals provide a sensual groove. Egle Sirvydyte first caught my attention with her vocals on Downtown Party Network’s ‘Space Me Out‘.

[audio: We.mp3|titles=Are We (feat. Egle Sirvydyte]
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Superflu – Fibi Maybe
There’s a group of former and current EO writers who are really diggin Superflu’s stuff at the moment. Fibi Maybe provides a space-y after hours bass driven groove.

[audio: Maybe.mp3|titles=Fibi Maybe]
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Nico Stojan – The Hour (Lake People Remix)
This one is a real journey, worth every minute, euphoric finish.

[audio: Hour (Lake People Remix).mp3|titles=Nico Stojan – The Hour (Lake People Remix)]

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Jamie xx – Sleep Sound
Jamie xx supplies some next level production with ‘Sleep Sound’. ‘Girl’ could just as easily been my pick.

[audio: Sound.mp3|titles=Sleep Sound]
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Tourist – Patterns feat. Lianne La Havas
Tourist is really beginning to make a name for himself as he hits the mainstream festival front this summer. ‘Patterns’ showcases Lianne La Havas‘ vocals with a positive vibe carrying it throughout.

[audio: feat. Lianne La Havas.mp3|titles=Patterns feat. Lianne La Havas]
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The Moustache is still making music somewhere.

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