Set List Agency Showcase at Pacha NYC

Tonight at Pacha there will be Max Vangeli and AN21 on the main floor, along with Robert Palliser on the top floor (Pachita). The event hosted tonight in Pachita is a new exclusive monthly private event hosted by The Set List Agency. Below is the official blurb for what it’s about. Check it out!

The Set List Agency is proud to launch its first of a monthly series, The Set List Agency Showcase at PACHITA, Pacha’s PRIVATE top floor lounge (No Pacha guests can enter Pachita, this is a PRIVATE EVENT). The Set List Agency is a full service DJ Management and DJ Booking service that works with bars, lounges and clubs in NYC; streamlining the way venues book their DJs.

Pachita will be the first of many venues to host The Set List Agency Showcase. Come have an amazing night and show your support for the launch of what is sure to be the best monthly party in NYC.

Tables are limited, for table bookings and bottle specials, please contact

Also, if you are a DJ looking to get work in NYC please inquire at

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