The White Panda – Reflection Stone (MisterWives & Kygo)

We all know what The White Panda can bring to the table and this remix is no different.  Just high quality greatness.  The thing that I do love here though is their move away from the progressive hard hitting house to the softness of Tropical House that it seems everyone needs to have in their repertoire as of late.  So of course the perfect place to start is with Kygo, and then add a very impressive dash of MisterWives.  Now, maybe this is just where my taste in music is heading these days in my old age as its hard for me to handle the face melting beat drops like I used to.  But I truly believe this is where the EDM industry in itself is on its way to – softer electronic.  Which is just fine by me.

We were introduced to Mandy Lee long before MisterWives with The Knocks on their M83 – Midnight City remix but I sure would like to get more of her raspy, yet sweet, voice intertwined in a few more electronic singles.  Don’t worry Mandy Lee, I’ll reach out to Tiesto to see what we can do.

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