Two Person Music Festival Tent

If you’re used to the music festival scene you’ve thought about this before, and if you’re a complete newbie you will love this.

First of all, let’s start being completely honest; music festivals are awesome and the only thing you think about when arriving, is about the great time you’re going to have with your peeps, how dope the performances are going to be, and how bad you’re going to vine and instagram the whole thing. That’s totally cool, but then reality hits you at some point of the day.

If it’s extremely hot, you’ll feel desperate to find a place where the sun won’t hit you, sometimes places get grossly crowded and you start having second thoughts about where you’re standing and think about many ways some random dude can steal you’re stuff while you’re not looking. Your friends get lost, but most importantly, you just really want to be comfortable. It sucks to go back to wherever you’re spending the night, only to go through the same thing all over again the next day.

If you think for a solution for this, the only answer is a tent, but not just any tent. The coolest tent out there is the Under Cover Camper two-man tent because it is not disposable, and of great quality  for all the things from festivals that can annoy you. This tent is such a comfortable spot for you and your friends and at the same time you can be the talk of the festival because it is very stylish. The coolest thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about any weather problems because it is  waterproof; you’ll still be super comfortable while the rest suffers walking back through mud carrying their cheap umbrellas that break in 10 seconds. Also,during the hottest hours of the day, the front wall can be unzippled and rolled up, making it your awesome sun shelter.

So now you know, be prepared for the next upcoming festivals! Mysteryland, Electric Forest, you name it, but make sure to get your two-man tent Purchase here    

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