Weekend Escapes 008 (Moonbootica Guestmix)

Music is an outlet. A way to leave everything and just become entrenched in sound. It’s, an escape. Each week, we’ll bring you the best of what the EDM world has to offer as a refuge from the daily noise of the world. These are our Escapes.

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This week’s mix comes from German duo known to most as Moonbootica who have recently released an album, ‘Shine.’

01. Mickey – Walk Away – Exploited
02. Moonbootica – These Days Are Gone (Club Mix) – FOUR
03. Ruben Mandolini – Abduction – Snatch!
04. Nils Penner – The Thing – Exploited
05. Phil Fuldner – Sly – Guesthouse Music
06. Moonbootica “My Hot Dope” Tagteam Terror Mix – Moonbootique
07. Tagteam Terror – Anchorman – Fogbank
08. Moonbootica “Beats & Lines” – Four Music
09. Ridney – Raver – Great Stuff
10. Don Rimini – Adam & Eve – Brooklyn Fire
11. Patrick Topping – Forget – Hot Creations
12. Basement Jaxx – Pork Soda – Atlantic Jaxx

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